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Samsung Galaxy Charging Repairs

Is your Samsung Galaxy not charging? Or maybe you spend 5 minutes wiggling the cord around to make it work? You probably have a bad charging port.

We can fix that.

Over the past year we’ve purchased some high-end soldering equipment and trained some of our best technicians in the art of intricate solder work. This enables us to repair the charging port on many Samsung phones by simply desoldering the existing, broken charge port and soldering on a new one. This process saves you a significant amount of money on the repair.

Why does this save money?

Because Samsung runs the charging port cable underneath the very expensive OLED screen. Many shops replace the charging port by replacing that entire charge port cable. This creates the risk of breaking the OLED when they pull it up. In many cases, this OLED screen costs between $150-$450 to replace. To account for this, many repair shops charge a premium for the charge port repair.

At Jet City Device Repair, we don’t remove the OLED. Instead, we use high-end soldering equipment to desolder the charging port from the charging cable (see this picture). Then we solder on a new charging port. We don’t have to worry about breaking the OLED because we never remove it in this process. That means the total cost is significantly lower than many of our competitors.

We currently only offer this repair on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and up and you can see those links here:

   samsung  Galaxy S7 Edge Charge Port Repair

   samsung  Galaxy S7 Charge Port Repair

   samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Charge Port Repair

   samsung Galaxy 8/8 Plus Charge Port Repair

   samsung Galaxy s9/s9 Plus Charge Port Repair

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